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About Us

Biblical Teaching Publishers, LLC
San Diego, CA USA

Our Purpose Statement 

Biblical Teaching Publishers is dedicated to providing pure biblical-based teaching as it appears in the bible. Versions differ based on the overall purpose; some are literal or word-for-word from the original, with others paraphrases, or a thought-for-thought translation. Our intent is to research the original texts, using the Biblical Hebrew/Aramaic and Greek New Testament publications as the ultimate sources for areas requiring extended study for guidance. Our intent is to avoid denominational bias and provide the teaching as the original hearers heard it and understood it. This also requires examination of the local and national culture and specific setting of the text.

Our intent is to avoid denominational positions being inserted into the teaching where it is not supported directly from the text under study. We are not opposed to denominationalism but wish to avoid slanting any teaching in a position not specifically indicated in the text under study.

Our objective is to provide biblical teaching that allows the reader to grow spiritually and become a stronger Christian in the faith, yet free to select the denominational Church desired. Our position is drawn from First Corinthians 3:1-12 where Paul teaches that care must be taken to build on the right foundation the one already laid Jesus Christ. We strive to provide biblical teaching for individuals and groups; teaching that encourages individual spiritual growth, the very requirement given by Paul to Timothy in Second Timothy 2:15. 

My our materials bless you!