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Denominationism Position (FREE DOWNLOAD)

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Denominationism Position (FREE DOWNLOAD)
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Biblical Teaching Publishers, LLC, (BTP) San Diego, provides biblical publications directly from the bible, avoiding denominational predisposition. The term denominational predisposition we define as doctrines &/or theologies developed by specific denominations in support of their doctrinal position. BTP does not challenge these doctrines &/or theologies, but chooses to exegete directly from the scripture text alone. Our position parallels that of the Reformers who questioned teachings and doctrines, developing new teachings following five primary principles (designated Solas to use the Latin term): 1) Sola Scriptura, 2) Sola Christus, 3) Sola Gratia, 4) Sola Fide, and 5) Soli Deo Gloria.

The first affirms the authority and sufficiency of the Bible; the second affirms the exclusivity of the Provider; the third affirms the totality of provision; the fourth affirms the means of appropriation; and the fifth affirms the purpose of it all. BTP’s position does not include the formation or development of any new denomination. Our choice is providing biblical teaching suitable to any Christian whose denomination supports their selected doctrines and theological positions.

Today, many positions have been developed by most denominations, including denominational theologies, independent academic theologies, and a growing number of restricted topical theologies, some products of the religious version of “action committees” or “private-interest” lobbies. When one approaches theological study with an open mind, the problem of affiliation, alignment, and denominational perspective will be enormous; yet the study of Jesus’ teachings requires that one enter into the study without prior bias. This is the mission statement of BTP, providing biblical studies for individuals and small groups based solely on the scripture text.

Intended use: explanation of publisher's position as a commentator on the Bible.

Author: This eBook is a joint work by the pastoral and ministry staff of Biblical Teaching Publishers, LLC, based on over 60 years of combined ministry and teaching of parables. This eBook version was compiled by the Editor after much consultation with the contributing staff members.

  1. Denominationalism Position Statement
  2. Denominations Accepted
  3. 6 Characteristics of Denominations
  4. Summary and Conclusion
  5. Publishers Statement
  6. Endnotes
Approximately 4500 words in this ebook.
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