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  1. How are my ebook files delivered?
    Answer: You will download your ebook files from our website. Immediately after your order, you will receive an email that has a link to a download page for your order. Look for this email and follow the link to our site's download page. From there you may download the files associated with your purchase. If you created an account on our site, you also have the option of going to your account page (My Account menu item), viewing the details of a recent order, and from there clicking the link to the download page.
  2. What format do the ebook files come in?
    Answer: Each ebook purchased comes in 4 formats: PDF (Adobe Acrobat), AZW3 (Kindle), EPUB (most e-readers), and HTML (web standard). You will be able to download any and all of these files after you purchase an ebook. The PDF file is ideal for viewing on a desktop or laptop computer. The AZW3 file goes on Kindle e-readers. The EPUB file may be read by other e-readers such as the Nook, Sony, Kobo, and iPad. The HTML file is useful as a source for converting to other formats you may need. Our files do not use DRM (Digital Rights Management)

  3. How can I transfer my ebook to my Kindle Reader?
    Answer: The best method is to attach your Kindle to your PC (or Mac) with its USB cable and copy the AZW3 file to it. Typically you would copy the file to the Documents folder on the Kindle. Once on the Kindle, you may add it to a collection.
    Currently Amazon offers two methods to transfer files to your Kindle Content Library. You may use the Send To Kindle application or the Kindle Personal Documents service. We recommend transferring the HTML version of your ebook to the Kindle Content Library because these services will convert it to the Kindle specific format. Once in your Content Library, it will download into all your Kindle devices per your settings.
    To use the Send To Kindle application, simply submit the file you downloaded from us. If you need to install the app, follow this link: Send-To-Kindle Homepage.
    To do so with the Personal Document Service, send an email to your Send-to-Kindle email address (usually [email protected]) with "convert" in the subject line and attach your ebook file. For more information reference Amazon help for Kindle Personal Documents Service. If this link does not work for you, go to Amazon.com > Kindle Support, and look for "Send documents and web pages to your Kindle."

  4. How can I transfer my ebook to my Nook or similar e-reader?
    Answer: You can transfer your ebook file to the Nook (or Sony or Kobo) by connecting your e-reader to your PC (or Mac) by its USB cable, then copying the ePub file to the e-reader. The e-reader will appear to your computer as an external hard drive. Nook and similar devices will read a variety of formats depending on the particular device, but they all read the ePub format, so we recommend downloading the ePub file of your ebook and copying it to your device.
    For further information about Nook, look on the Nook website for your particular device: Nook Homepage. Support is at the bottom of the page.

  5. How can I transfer my ebook to my Apple iPad?
    Answer: You can transfer your ebook to your Apple iPad (or other iOS device) by adding the ePub file to your iTunes library, then synchronizing with your iPad. The Apple iBooks application will recognize the ePub format.

  6. Am I allowed to make copies of my ebook files?
    Answer: We ask that you make copies of your ebook files for only 2 purposes:
    1. To backup your ebook files in case you need to restore them in the future due to loss or damage.
    2. To distribute the quantity you purchased if you purchased more than 1. If you purchased 2 or more of the same ebook, you may download the file once and make a copy for each additional ebook you purchased.

    We also permit you to make copies to put on other devices you own. For example, if you own two PCs and a Kindle e-reader, you may purchase one ebook, copy the PDF file to both your PCs and copy the AZW3 file to your Kindle e-reader. For family members and friends (or strangers) outside of your household, we ask that they purchase their own copy of an ebook (or you may purchase it for them). Our ebooks are not secured by DRM (Digital Rights Management), so we rely on you to respect our copyrights and not make copies that you did not pay for. Of course, any material we offer for free you may copy and distribute for free without limitation.

  7. Can I return an ebook?
    Answer: No, ebooks cannot be returned. Once a customer has downloaded the ebook file, BTP cannot process a return. If you placed an order and have not downloaded the file, or if you placed an order and need to reduce the quantity ordered, please email us to arrange a charge back on your credit card. You may use the contact form (on the Contact page) or email to [email protected]>