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HEAVEN - God's Answer to the Unfairness of Life as Revealed in the Bible

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HEAVEN - God's Answer to the Unfairness of Life as Revealed in the Bible
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This book tells us what heaven is like in practical terms based on the Bible. It considers the entire Bible, both direct and indirect references to heaven, and presents the complete picture in a personal and encouraging style. Its ultimate purpose is to show that the destiny in heaven of human beings is so wonderful and fulfilling that we need not fear death. Even premature deaths, though tragic in our missing the departed, does not rob them of a meaningful life. Heaven holds much more for us than we have been led to believe.

Mr. Waterman does not get lost in endless analysis or speculation. He does not present stories of visions of heaven or out of body experiences; those are better told by their own authors. In a few places he corroborates hints placed in scripture with visionary testimony, but these are clearly identified, and he always starts from a solid foundation of scripture. Mr. Waterman tackles the common questions about heaven in a straightforward, conversational style. As a result this book is reasonably short and easy to read, although its implications may have the reader happily thinking about heaven for some time.

These are some of the questions answered in this book: What will we do for thousands or millions of years? What will we be like: our bodies, our minds? What kind of a place is heaven; what is it like? What happens when people die? Will we be punished, or will we get rewards? Has heaven always been the same; will it change in the future? What will happen to the world in the future? What about the new heaven and new earth? Who goes to heaven?

In the author’s own words: My sincere hope in writing this book is to accomplish three objectives. First, I hope to provide encouragement for those who have lost someone dear too early in life. Second, I hope to help us all have a more accurate and complete perspective on the events of our lives. And third, I hope to show how we can have a pleasant, even exciting anticipation of what lies beyond the grave. If this writing accomplishes even just one of these objectives in your life, then I will be humbly pleased, and you will enjoy your life a little more and worry a little less.

Table of Contents
  1. Acknowledgments
  2. Preface
  3. Introduction
  4. Who Goes to Heaven?
  5. Heaven – Common (Mis)Conceptions?
  6. So What Do We Do with All This Time?
  7. Sing & Make Music
  8. Work
  9. What Kind of Work?
  10. Other Activities
  11. Knowing God Better
  12. What Happens in the World from Now until Eternity?
  13. Ages Past
  14. Ages to Come
  15. Chart of Ages of Mankind
  16. What Will We Be Like?
  17. Humanity and the Afterlife
  18. Nature and Capabilities of Our New Bodies
  19. Rewards and Punishment
  20. Punishment
  21. Rewards
  22. Timing
  23. What Is the Nature of the Heavenly Realm?
  24. The Heavenly Environment
  25. The New Heaven and New Earth
  26. Communities and Society
  27. Possibilities for the Far Future
  28. Concluding Thoughts
  29. Suggested Readings
  30. About the Author
This book contains about 28,900 words.
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