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Parable of the Steward

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Parable of the Steward
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The Parable of the Steward is set in Middle Eastern culture during the era of small, agricultural communities existing 2,000 years ago. Its message and application is lost to us without awareness of this “time stamp” consisting of their customs, expectations, living conditions, and cultural practices. We must return to Jesus’ day to recognize the truths revealed to His disciples, including spiritual truths of the depths of God’s love and mercy. We must become as one of the disciples, hearing and understanding from their cultural viewpoint, applying points of the parable as they applied it. Then we will gain the understanding of Jesus’ teaching – locating, identifying, and applying the lesson the twelve understood. The parable of the Unjust (or crafty or clever) Steward presents a time issue, where the entire community is the focus. This issue of time speaks to us today. The day of salvation is now, yet God is longsuffering, allowing time right up to the end for repentance. We must not abuse the time allowed since it (the age of grace) will end. However, even with current events and fulfilled prophecy signaling it’s close, almost at hand, there is still time to act as God is not willing that any should perish. Since the community is the central focus, generating the truths and issues Jesus was teaching, this is the setting of this parable.

Intended use: for individual study and small group study (one or two sessions).

Author: This eBook is a joint work by the pastoral and ministry staff of Biblical Teaching Publishers, LLC, based on over 60 years of combined ministry and teaching of parables. This eBook version was compiled by the Editor after much consultation with the contributing staff members.

  1. The Setting of Jesus’ Parables:
  2. Understanding the Culture
  3. The Art of Storytelling
  4. The Aspects of the Parable
  5. The Scripture Text
  6. Understanding the Aspects (digging out the details)
  7. This raises our first question: What were these assets?
  8. What are the Issues?
  9. Cultural Relationships Existing in the Village
  10. The Landowners Expected, Anticipated, and Desired Response:
  11. The Sharecroppers’ Expected Response
  12. Spiritual note:
  13. What’s this? “You can no longer be steward …”
  14. Another spiritual application:
  15. The Thought Process of the Steward at His Time of Crisis
  16. The Steward’s Options:
  17. The Answer’s here – He Just Has to Find It:
  18. Are These All the Steward’s Potential Thoughts?
  19. The Steward’s Brilliant Plan:
  20. The Plan Is Revealed:
  21. The Steward’s Plan to Survive – Verses 5-7:
  22. The Cultural Setting of Sharecropping
  23. Analysis of the Steward’s Plan:
  24. The Unrecorded Conversation
  25. Answer: The steward talked the old gentleman into it!
  26. Verse Seven and One-Half (or reading between the lines)
  27. The Events in the Village after the Steward’s Action:
  28. The Steward’s Plan Working
  29. Now, the landowner has two options:
  30. Personal Note from the Author
  31. Acknowledgments
  32. Endnotes
Approximately 9,000 words in body of ebook.
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Feature: Luke 16:1-8
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